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 Hi, my name is Amanda, and I'm a Registered Dietitian. I help women living in a state of start and stop dieting find the last stop with nutrition by creating a program that will last a lifetime. My focus is a sincere desire to help individuals make peace with their bodies. I teach clients to nurture and respect their bodies through nutrition to become the healthiest version of yourself. Through an intuitive eating approach, clients will rediscover what their bodies actually need. Work with me to learn life long tools to never have to diet again.

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"After just a short amount of time, I learned a lot about nutrition. I came to you not only to feel better but also how to have proper and balanced vegan meals. It was easy to communicate and record meals through the app. I also liked the slow and simple way you approached the information brought forward. To keep from getting too overwhelmed. By the end of a short period, I received great resources to help me continue my quest for a healthy lifestyle. Even with an already basic knowledge of healthy choices I learned so much more about improving my already healthy diet. The shopping lists and recipes were also very useful to help me get on track. Especially valuable was your customized breakdown on macronutrients that I can use as a guideline to help when planning all my meals. Know what to eat, when, and why it is the foundation that I was missing and so glad I have that knowledge now. I feel so much better mentally and physically knowing what, how, and how much to eat.”



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