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About Amanda Nicole, RDN, LD

Amanda has been working in the field of nutrition and dietetics for a decade. She decided to become a registered dietitian because of her deep passion for nutrition and helping people. Amanda has vast experience in different areas of the field, including working in hospitals, eating disorder rehab, community nutrition, corporate nutrition, private practice, and now writing a cookbook. Her diverse background has helped develop a deep understanding of nutrition, allowing her to treat individuals across their lifespan and address a wide range of health conditions.


For instance, while at Cedar Sinai Hospital, Amanda provided nutrition for babies in the NICU. She also worked as the onsite dietitian for employees at DreamWorks and NBCUniversal, offering private one-on-one nutrition counseling for various health conditions. Simultaneously, Amanda counseled clients through her private practice, Amanda Nicole RDN LLC. Additionally, Amanda has given numerous speeches on nutrition, including speaking to the employees of Disney.


Amanda and her husband welcomed their son, Leopold, in July of 2022. She delved deep into research on how to start solids for infants, taking courses and reading numerous books on the subject. However, she realized during her research there weren’t many updated resources for parents starting solids, especially in the form of cookbooks. Her friends with infants were seeking guidance and recipes for starting solids. Amanda began working on a family cookbook to compile the research and guidelines she found most helpful for starting solids with her son. Being a dietitian, Amanda has the knowledge to understand research studies and break them down into simple advice to add to her cookbook.

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Amanda received her bachelor's degree from the University of Arizona, studying Nutritional Science, with an emphasis in Dietetics. Amanda completed supervised hours at Keith and Associates Distance Dietetic Internship. Amanda is a Registered Dietitian. 


More About Amanda 

 Amanda loves nothing more than spending time with her son, Leopold and Husband, Arthur. She enjoys yoga, hiking, and weightlifting. Amanda also is passionate about cooking and creating healthy recipes. 


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